Breaking Music News from the Nominated Artists with Photos to Submit to

Events Breaking Music News from the Nominated Artists with Photos to Submit to

I prefer to remain free. I have no demand for distractions from silly notions of either supremacy or inferiority. It has obviously influenced me, being of mixed background it certainly is been with me the other I’ve constantly been made conscious of. I got hassled in college obviously; flanked by very easy, monocultural white kids in New Zealand.

Separately, the building’s owners are most likely trying to find a new tenant given Gibson’s instability. We’re actually unsure the master of all and property, orgasm is likely that the new lessee would use the property to advance its own business interests as opposed to setting up a historic shrine for music fans.

I am an indie band so we self-release our albums. We have released 7 albums previously 12 years. the 1st 5 albums were released on CD only. the last 2 albums (since 2012) have ONLY BEEN RELEASED ON VINYL. That s all we manufacture now, not because vinyl is trendy but because CD s are redundant. Vinyl albums include the only relevant physical medium left for delivering music, otherwise, just download it.

What are you arguing for? That the corporation is overvalued? Or that songwriters should be pay more? Because you seem to be conflating two completely separate issues. If the payout to songwriters climbs up, conceivably Westergren & other executives could take a salary cut & free up funds to spend songwriters, but that s merely a drop in the bucket. As for money being created by investors off of the speculative value of the company, that s not money that can ever possibly end up inside hands of songwriters unless the songwriters are buying stock or are getting paid in equity, & that s kind of an exotic notion. Isn t it Gregory Porter classic tour?

Dave Hansen, Merlin’s chairman and a longtime part of the Wisconsin Senate, released an announcement thanking Caldas for his effort as CEO. Caldas hasn’t spoken of his post-2019 professional plans, but Hansen was hopeful that Caldas will work in the independent music business, where he has a good amount of experience as well as an impeccable reputation.